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Telemetry and Cashless Payment Technology

Smart Vending Machine
Remote Management System (Telemetry)

Atlas Vending's vending machine equipped with telemetry technology which intended to provide comprehensive data analysis and remote monitoring of the machine's health condition.

Example of functions delivered by telemetry:

Sales Data - Sale volume by day/month/year, Top/lowest sale product, and etc.

Machine Condition - Breakdown, Product sold out, Power failure and etc.

With the aid of telemetry, we improve the ability to response faster when stock is low and as well as resolving fault issue thus improving our turn-around time.

Cashless Payment

With the aim to promote smart nation Singapore, Atlas Vending introduced cashless payment in our machine to not only meet your satisfaction but also for your convenience and better vending experience.

Various cashless payments are available as below:

- Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay

- MasterCard PayPass,Visa payWave and American Express

- EZ-Link and NETS FlashPay

- AliPay