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Refreshment Solutions

Why You Should Choose Atlas Vending

Atlas Vending has more than 30 years of experience providing refreshment solutions.

Our accumulated experience and know-how give our customers a sense of confidence, that they entrust their refreshment needs to us.

Atlas Vending has an excellent reputation built on quality and customer care.

We offer flexibility and choice combined with consistently high levels of quality and service. Our response times are also the shortest in the refreshment solution industry. We have been consistently rated the preferred refreshment solution provider by customers in Singapore and Malaysia.

Atlas Vending offers a wide choice of refreshment products as well as vending machine.

Unlike many refreshment providers that are also major food/drink manufacturers, Atlas Vending offers refreshments that cut across popular brands, so that you are not bound to the refreshments of any one manufacturer or brand.

Atlas Vending is the leader in refreshment solution innovation.

We were the first to introduce cup drinks with ice; machine that offers both snacks and drinks; espresso, cappuccino and latte drinks freshly made from coffee beans; combination machines that offer snacks, soft drinks as well as milk and yoghurt drinks. We also offer card options for companies that wish to control the provision of subsidised refreshments to their staff.