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Refreshment Products

Water & Healthy Products

Atlas Vending offers point-of-use water, hot or cold as well as carbonated. Water is first filtered then treated for bacteria using UV light. It has many advantages over 3-gallon or 5-gallon bottles of water - no need for storage space, ease of handling, hygiene and low cost.

To promote a healthy life style, Atlas Vending also supplies bottled and canned mineral water - fruit flavoured waters - pure fruit juice - sugar free and low calorie drinks - flavoured teas - healthy snacks and cereal bars - tasty low fat/salt snacks.

In Singapore, Atlas Vending has further expanded its range of wholesome refreshments to include pasteurized milk, yoghurt and cultured milk drinks.

Some of these products are particularly suitable for schools, meeting the requirements of the school authorities. They carry the Healthier Choice symbol, denoting food and drink products that are lower in fat and sodium or rich in dietary fibre.

Customers can also have a choice of less sugar or creamer in their cup drinks.

To see vending machine for water, click here.