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Refreshment Products

Beverages, Soft Drinks & Food and Snack


In addition to espresso beverages made from coffee beans (click here for coffee options) and leaf tea (click here for tea options), we also offer instant beverages. Instant beverages include coffee, tea, chocolate and malt drinks such as Milo.

Soft Drinks

Fruit juice drinks and soft drinks are available in cup, packet, can and bottle. These include Coca Cola, 100Plus, Yeo's, our in-house range of Morning Dew fruit flavoured drinks containing vitamin C and/or calcium, YES! carbonated drinks as well as Coolsip Lemon Barley brewed from natural barley.

Our hot and cold cup drink machine are able to serve beverages as well as soft drinks with ice.

To see vending machine for both beverages & soft drinks, click here.

For sales enquiry of Syrups or Cordials, please contact Atlas Vending Solutions Pte Ltd or In-Joy Manufacturing Sdn Bhd.

Please visit the In-Joy website for further details on its range of products.


Our menu of snacks includes crisps, nuts, savoury snacks and filling snacks such as buns, cakes, biscuits, cereal bars, confectionery and cup noodles for customers' nourishment and refreshment.

The menu has now been extended to include sandwiches that are filling and affordably priced.

Ready Meals

Ready meals are now available in Singapore that are filling and affordably priced.

Milk & Yoghurt Drinks

For more details, please click here.