For Enquiry: +65 6744 4022 (SG)
+60 3 5525 2648(MY - KL)
+60 7 8633 302 (MY - JB)
+60 4 3140 251 (MY - PG)
+60 3 6093 3833 (IRM)
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Other Solutions

Overhaul & Repair of Vending Machine & Accessories

IRM Malaysia operates overhaul facilities in Malaysia that refurbish and restore vending machine. These facilities are designed to meet the needs of Atlas Vending as well as third parties.

Atlas Vending Solutions is also the authorized service agent for the NRI range of payment systems.

NRI is a leading manufacturer of payment systems with a global network. Repair charges are competitive and our service delivery is prompt.

For enquiries, please contact Technical Services at Atlas Vending Solutions Pte Ltd.or International Refreshment Machines (IRM) at Rawang Malaysia.