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Global network of Refeshment Solutions providers that are leaders in each of their respective countries.

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What We Provide

Overhaul & Repair of Vending Equipments

Overhaul & Repair of Vending Machine & Accessories

IRM Malaysia operates overhaul facilities in Malaysia that refurbish and restore vending machine. These facilities are designed to meet the needs of Atlas Vending as well as third parties. Atlas Vending Solutions is also the authorized service agent for the NRI range of payment systems. NRI is a leading manufacturer of payment systems with a global network. Repair charges are competitive and our service delivery is prompt.

Sales and Rental

Sale or Rental of Vending Machine & Accessories

Selected vending machine & accessories are available for sale or rent. Please contact us for more information.

Rent (Only Available for Singapore) - you rent the machine from us for a monthly fee. You buy your own vendible products, replenish and collect sales proceeds. You take care of daily maintenance of the vending machine and call us when you need technical assistance.

Sale - you buy the equipment from us. We can provide annual maintenance for a fee.

Vending Equipments & Accessories


Latest News

News & Promotions


Largest Food and Beverage Vending Machine Operator in Malaysia & Singapore

ATLAS has been named the Largest Food and Beverage Vending Machine Operator in Malaysia and Singapore by Malaysia Book of Records.

We are the region’s number one player in the vending business –with a total pool of up to 10,000 vending machines across Malaysia and Singapore. Our company is set to become Malaysia’s largest retail, offering an integrated, frictionless consumer experience with ultra-convenience to support today’s on-the-go lifestyle.

Our vision is to become the largest retail destination in Malaysia and Singapore, and eventually across Southeast Asia


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